Peak Design updates

I am a fan of Peak Design products but I have run into a couple of problems. I have had both products that I own fail at the strap connection point. Of all the bags that I have owned in the last 40+ years not once has a bag actually dropped off of my shoulder but it has happened with both Peak Design products.  

The first to fail was the Peak Design Field Pouch. The anchor points that act as quick release attachments to connect the bag to the strap would unravel and break. Quite disappointing considering how light the stuff that I carry in that bag weighs. Peak Design is making available updated connectors that they say are more robust and say that they should eliminate the problem. 



The other problem is with the Everyday Sling 5L. The strap was actually sliding through the buckle that the strap was looped through. This one was very annoying. Every time I used the bag the strap would slide closer and closer to the end and threaten to slid all of the way through the buckle. The strap slid through 3 times and the bag fell. Twice I caught the bag with my foot. Once it fell all of the way to the ground and landed in soft sand. Each time the camera was in my hand with the strap wrapped around my wrist. No damage to the contents in the bags but I was none to happy. 



I guess the moral of the story is leave nothing to chance with equipment and check everything as the day goes along. I’m not sure if I still recommend Peak Design bags. They are light and my equipment fits just right in them but I worry about failures. If any manufacturer wants their equipment tested, I’m available. I seem to find the weak points in products.  


I have found a solution for the slipping strap problem that works for me. I took the end of the strap and threaded it back under the strap buckle. It to some patience and a pair of needle nose pliers to pull it through. The strap is no longer adjustable for length but it also will never slide off again. It is still my go to bag for small amounts of equipment.